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Lonely little Cytheria was in the boys locker room alone when the gym coach approached her! He asked why she was all alone in the locker room doing her homework. Cytheria said that the other kids picked on her and she felt very lonely! So the gym coach being the good fellow that he is gave her some love and affection that she needed! He plunged his cock deep into her teen pussy and then filled her up special with his creamy man juice!

Brittney surprised her teacher one day when she tells what she is going to do after graduation. It appears this little twat thinks she can make more money being a stripper than getting a real job. And if that doesn’t pan out she shows old Mr. Adams what she will have to resort to do make real money.

Two swimmers are taught by their coach to focus as a team on a single goal. It takes teamwork to win championships. And in this instance the goal is for them to suck his cock and the victory is the sweet taste of cum on their lips. Go girls, take one for the Gipper.

Vivianne lets the teachers help her with the ASS-signment. Go ahead, pull her pig tails! She's a poor student who needs a little extra tutoring on the side! Do you think a huge cockcicle will help her get better grades? Probably not, but it's sure a fun afterschool project!

Kara has a real bad attitude. And this tough little street girl just ran into her match as she meets a teacher that deals her a real “straightening out”. It’s amazing what a hard cock will do for a girl.

This little girl thinks she has her whole future planned out. She’s going to get into college with a scholarship in sex education. And to show a befuddled school administrator she knows what she is talking about she puts all of her skills to work.

Keeani got caught tagging by the principal! She was using cans of spray paint to paint graffiti all over the school walls! Needless to say she was in for a harsh punishment! She was first told to get on her knees and open wide for that big taste of cock, then the principal sprayed little Keeani with her own spray paint! Afterwards this little Asian whore got fucked in both of her tight holes, and then the principal did a little spraying of his own, he sprayed his cumload in her mouth!

This naughty girl was caught smoking in the girl's room! The two teachers that caught her in this dispicable act gave her a little something else to smoke on - their cocks! Candi took turns sucking both dicks and then she ended up with both of them in both holes for a double penetration punishment! Candi was treated like a piece of meat during this punishment she took for her bad deed! Then she got splashed in jizz by both of them!

Aurora got in trouble by the school gym coach and was cock punished for her actions! But not only did she have to suck the coach's dick, but she had to get nasty with the assistant coach and star quarterback as well! Little Aurora got triple teamed by these three and took cock in all holes! She endured a massive double penetration and then got splashed by all of their loads on her face!

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